Images of Proofs for ‘Can Prophets Sins’

Abkar al-Afkar of Amidi Al-Irshad of Imam al-Haramain Al-Mawaqif al-Eyji Fiqh ul Akbar Sanussiyah Qubra 2 Sanussiyah Qubra Sharh Fiqh ul Akbar


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  1. Tim says:

    Subhanallah, great article Shiekh Sulaiman. It is great to see the classical opinion of the scholars are being brought to light in regards to the Hanafi madhab, and the relied upon opinion are being followed. Unfortunately, we do have tyrannical groups calling themselves Hanafis who make the fasting times 21 hours or more, and they are so ignorant they do not realise they are following the Shafi madhab if they do realise the God help us all. Also i thank you again for your article and the last one you had posted, you are the true meaning of a hanafi scholar and a true lover of the Prophet.


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