Prayer and Fasting When the Time for Isha Does Not Occur: Part 2


After my recent article, Muslims found it hard to accept something that went against their normal way of practising based on their own sectarian allegiance. In the initial article I recommended that people follow their local mosque and that my article was for those who require a greater degree of flexibility. If there truly was ‘mercy in differences of opinion’ it would not have resulted in such an extreme reaction.

The irony is that our position is the orthodox Hanafi position and those who vehemently spoke against this article have in fact abandoned the Hanafi school for the position of the Shafis and Malikis. I do not have any issue with a person wanting to pick and mix between the various legal schools, but we should be allowed to follow and teach the positions of the classical Hanafi School. Here is a short video where I attempt to explain our position based on the positions of the Hanafi School. (Excuse my North-East/mix of everything accent, that’s a story for another day).

This is the position of the Hanafi School and its not that difficult to understand the various aspects of Hanafi Jurisprudence which culminated in me writing the initial article. For those who wish to dispute the classical Hanafi position then you can contact us on to arrange a debate/discussion. But as per the method of any debate, please present your point of contention, some evidence even if it is basic and also why you feel that you have not abandoned the Hanafi School.


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  1. curious says:

    Interesting posts, two questions if I may:

    1.) Why pray Isha, at all, if the times does not enter?

    2.) If one does not pray Isha because it’s time has not entered, is this person at fault under the classical Hanafi madhab?


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