Legal Case Update:

Sulaiman Ahmed Defeats Atabek Sukurov in the High Court

I begin by praising Allah and seeking refuge in him from the accursed Shaytaan.

God is Just. The Truth has finally been revealed.

Al Hamdu Lillah, after 5 years of false allegations and my name being maligned I have finally got justice.

I remind everyone that it was Atabek Sukurov who wanted to go to Court and instigated proceedings against me when I was willing to let him abandon the partnership without any consequence.

I represented myself, did the work of a solicitor and a barrister, whilst Atabek had a top legal firm of solicitors and several barristers acting throughout.

Atabek took me to the High Court and he lost his whole claim against me.

All the false allegations made to the Charity Commission of stealing money and misappropriating funds have been found to be completely false.

On the other hand, it was Atabek’s own actions which gave me the opportunity to make a counterclaim against him and hold him to account.  If Atabek had never made a claim then I would never have counterclaimed.

Not only did I beat Atabek on his claim, I won most of my counterclaim.

Justice has been served and now the one who maligned me will have to pay, though this will be less than the loss I suffered from his actions.

After three days of hearing his evidence the judge described Atabek with the words unreliable, concerning, evasive, lacking credibility, unsatisfactory, inconsistent and misleading. He gave many examples of this in his detailed judgment.

The Judge described me as an open, honest and impressive witness.

For those that helped him propagate the falsehood about me, there will be retribution from Allah in this world and the hereafter.  You have the chance to repent and apologise for your actions.

You can read the Judgement here:


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  1. I just discovered this website – great to see serious intellectual Muslim work!

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